Monday, October 6, 2014

Royal Rantings: Monster High's Frankie and Jackson

This past weekend, Mom and I watched a lot of Monster High movies. And while I love them, I'd just like to take a moment to rant.

Why in the world would they introduce such an adorable and perfect couple like Frankie Stein and Jackson Jekyll, then throw it all away for a half zombie half unicorn hybrid and a normie???

Frankie and Jackson are adorable. They appreciate and admire each other's freaky flaws. They're sold in pairs as a couple going on dates. The web series introduced the character of Jackson and the couple in the same episode. And when his alternate monster identity was revealed, Frankie told Jackson they couldn't be together until he came to terms with his Holt Hyde persona. That makes sense. How can you date a guy who's duel personalities are constantly fighting each other for control, and you???

Through the web series, they are constantly together, constantly flirting. Then last week we buy Ghouls Rule and watch it for the first time. The entire movie, both Jackson and Holt flirt with and fight for Frankie. Then the end throws you the weirdest, most nonsensical curve ball... All of the sudden, Jackson forgets all about his devoted and patiently waiting best friend and almost girlfriend, and goes off with a normie girl who was nice to him at normie school!

This ticks me off. Because it shows a total disregard for Frankie's feelings and allows Jackson and Holt to get away with not getting along. Yes, having unresolved issues with the half human half normie is fun for the story, but the way the writers chose to do it was totally Not Cool!!!

Then there's the new movie, Freaky Fusion. In which, Frankie is unaffected by Jackson's abandonment and instead falls head over heels (literally) for a new boy in school, the hybrid Neighthan. This I get. Sort of. She's got a thing for hybrids. She's patched together, Jackson was patched together, half monster half human. New guy is patched together, half zombie half unicorn. They're both clumsy. Both love their family. Both want to fit in. So I get the whole attraction thing. But do they have to act like Frankie and Jackson never happened? Because it did, people. It did. And there is physical doll evidence out there to prove it.

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest. What do you think? Agree they should have put a little more thought into the story of it? Glad they didn't go too much into it for the sake of younger fans?

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